Project: We want the 2nd Season!

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Project: We want the 2nd Season!

Messagede Beck-On » 02 Juil 2010 03:38

Hello there. how everything is going?

I'm from Beck-ON and I'm representing the brazilian Beck fans and sending you this message to talk about our project to get the Beck 2nd season.

The project's idea is choose between 'Slip out' and 'Hit in the USA', from BECK (the anime), and say to everyone to record it, and then someone edit the video cutting and pasting parts of everybody's videos to get the entire song, sang by everybody. Like this: ... re=channel

Everybody have to vote in one of this 2 songs, and then, everybody will record it.

Did you understood the idea?

And then send it to any contact from Japan. Madhouse, Beat Crusaders, I don't know.

It'll be great if we, beck fans, finish it until the BECK Live Action release, at least. Do you think you can do it?

Any question, please, send an e-mail to:

Beck-ON (BRA) :fun2: :fun2:
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